Storm Damage

There’s a number of different factors that can result in the roof of your home experiencing damage. There’s few things that can cause worse damage than storms, however. Wild weather can often cause significant damage to the roof of your home, and we know this is something that requires immediate attention to fix. Our storm damage service is here to provide all the professional assistance that you need to deal with the aftermath of any storm. By using our professional service, you can have your roof fixed in no time at all and ensure that the protection it provides is fully restored.

No matter how well prepared you think you are, storms are one of those things that will come along and potentially cause unpredictable damage. The roof of your home is often the first thing to sustain damage, which will need urgent attention from roofing professionals to prevent further damage.

Choosing a dependable roofing service provider in Denver becomes especially important in a disaster situation like this, so make your decision wisely. You can rely on Denver Metal Roofing Company for prompt, reliable emergency roof repair services for your storm-damaged roof in Denver, CO.

Storm Damage

Beyond damage or problems caused by general wear and tear, we are roofing repair contractors that also have experience when it comes to dealing with storm damage. Storms and wild weather have the potential to cause serious damage to the roof of your home, which can be real problem for a number of reasons. Our storm damage service means we’ve got the expertise you need to restore your roof to its previous condition. Our ability to work quickly means that your home will never have to go for long without the important protection that your roof offers.

Emergency Roof Repair

A major focus of the storm damage service that we offer is emergency roof repair. Obviously, major storm damage to your roof is something that requires immediate professional attention, lest your home experience further damage or even worse problems. The emergency repair service we offer is here to provide the fast and immediate attention that you need to get your roof fixed ASAP. So, you don’t need to wait if your roof requires immediate attention. Just call on us, and our team will be there in no time to help fix your roof.

Fast and Experienced

If your roof has sustained major damage as a result of storm, we know that you need it restored to its previous condition as quickly as possible. That being said, however, we know that you need a service that’s more than just fast. After all, it’s no good having your roof restored quickly if the work done isn’t designed to last. We are the roof contractors that can provide both. We do quality work, and we do it fast.

Restore the Protection Your Roof Provides

Obviously, major damage to your roof, like that sustained during a storm, can severely compromise the protection your roof offers. If your home has already sustained significant damage, we know the last thing you want is for the problem do to get any worse. So, it’s crucial that your have your roof quickly repaired by an expert team in order to restore the level of protection that it offers. And that’s something our storm damage service can help with. No matter how severe the damage may be, we can restore your roof the right condition ASAP.

Types of Storm Damage

Storms bring a variety of dangerous components to the table. Different types of storm damage may impact your roof’s ability to keep your home safe and structurally sound. Among the most common types of roof storm damage experienced by Denver residents are:

  • Hail damage

Although hail does not always accompany storms, the damage can be quite significant when it does. With hailstone sizes varying from place to place – and growing at that – it’s impossible to predict the extent of the damage.

Hail damage can result in splits or cracks in your roof, depending on the material used. Water may leak through your roof and cause additional damage to your home. UV exposure to underlying roofing components may also shorten the life of your roofing materials.

  • Wind damage

Wind damage caused by storms could be just as severe as hurricane damage. There is a good chance that shingles will be lifted or damaged, or in some cases, completely missing. Because homeowners may not notice surface damage immediately, it’s best to have your local roofing experts inspect the roof.


How can I tell if a storm has damaged my roof?

There are several signs of obvious storm damage on a roof. These are examples of missing or damaged shingles, falling debris, and, in extreme cases, water leaking into the home. If you suspect damage, call a professional roofing service provider immediately to avoid further damage and address any existing damage.

Does insurance cover storm damage?

This varies depending on the insurance policy and company, but most insurance companies generally cover storm damage caused by rain, snow, hail, or wind. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

How long does it take to re-roof a house?

A typical home re-roofing can take anywhere from 1-3 days. This will, of course, be extended in cases where the surface area is much larger than average.


Do you need roof storm damage repair services? We’re here to assist! Contact Denver Metal Roofing Company today to set up a free consultation with one of our reliable and consistent emergency roofing specialists.



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